Check Fujitsu Primergy server


Checks a Fujitsu server using SNMP.


  • Perl Net SNMP library

Usage - Icinga-Check Plugin for Fujitsu servers -H|--host=<host> -C|--community=<SNMP
community string> [--blade] [-t|--timeout=<timeout in seconds>]
[--fan-warning=<threshold>] [--fan-critical=<threshold>]
[-v|--verbose=<>verbosity level>] [-e|--exclude=<subsystems to exclude
from checks>] [-h|--help] [-V|--version]

Checks a Fujitsu server using SNMP.

         Hostname or ip address of the server to check

-C|--community=<SNMP community string>
         The SNMP community.

--blade  switch the check mode to management blade, only the blade
         itself is checked

-t|--timeout=<timeout in seconds>
         Time in seconds to wait before script stops.

         Threshold of fan speed (rpm) to give back a warning result.

         Threshold of fan speed (rpm) to give back a critical result.

-v|--verbose=<verbosity level>
         Enable verbose mode (levels: 1,2). Multi-line output will be
         generated with verbose level 2.

-e|--exclude=<subsystems to exclude from checks>
         Comma-sepatated list of non-global subsystems (all except
         Environment, PowerSupply, MassStorage and SystemBoard) to
         exclude from checking. If a global subsystem is in this list it
         just won't be displayed in plugin output but it won't affect
         the plugin's return state and return value.

         Typically used to exclude the Deployment subsystem.

         Print version an exit.

         Print help message and exit.