Icinga Plugin checking the status of AWS Services in different regions

This Plugin is DEPRECATED - See


Monitor the RSS feed on the AWS status Page


  • Ruby
  • Gems
    • choice

gem install choice


name: check_aws_status.rb
Usage: check_aws_status.rb [-purspsv]
name: check_aws_status.rb
Specific options:
-p, --protocol=PORT              The protocol to use (default http)
-u, --url=URL                    The AWS Status URL (default
-r, --region=REGION              The AWS Region to use (default eu-central-1)
-s, --service=SERVICE            The AWS Service to monitor (default ec2)
-ps, --proxy_server=PROXY_SERVER  Proxy Server if needed to connect to EC2 (e.g. no default)
Common options:
    --help                       Show this message
    --examples                   S3 Status in Ireland (eu-west-1 region): ./check_aws_status.rb -s s3 -r eu-west-1
                                 EC2 Status in North California (us-west-1 region): ./check_aws_status.rb -s ec2 -r us-west-1
                                 S3 Status in Ireland (eu-west-1 region) using a proxy: ./check_aws_status.rb -s s3 -r eu-west-1 -ps
-v, --version                    Show version