Icinga check plugin to check AKCP sensorProbeX+ via SNMP


Check plugin to query sensor data from AKCP sensorProbeX+ via SNMP.


The compiled binary is completely standalone, so copy it to place where you want to have it. In the case of using Icinga2 probably /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/ (on Debian/Ubuntu).

cp check_akcp_sensorprobeXplus /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/


Executing the binary without any parameters will present the available parameters. The simplest form to use it productively would be to give only the network address of the probe.

If not other paremeter is give, default settings will be used.


check_akcp_sensorprobeXplus -h

WARNING - states: unknown=1 warning=1 ok=3
[OK] Temperature Port 1: 27
[WARNING] Dual Humidity Port 2: 38%
[OK] Dual Temperature Port 2: 27
[OK] Airflow Port 3: 0%
./check_akcp_sensorprobeXplus -h -c public
WARNING - Device SPX+ Demo at location Room 217 (SPX+ F7 1.0.5233 May 12 2020 09:41:)

[WARNING] Dual Humidity Port 1: 25.0% is lower than warning threshold 32.0%
[WARNING] Dual Temperature Port 1: 31.1℃ is higher than warning threshold 30.0℃
[OK] Temp Sensor Test: 26.1℃
[OK] Motion Detector Port 4: Erkannt  | 'Dual Humidity Port 1'=25%;32:66;23:69 'Dual Temperature Port 1'=31.1C;20.7:30;10.6:40 'Temp Sensor Test'=26.1C;20.8:30;10.5:40 'Motion Detector Port 4'=0

Or using a different SNMP community

check_akcp_sensorprobeXplus -h --community secret


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