This plugin will allow you to check if your HD Homerun is currently tuned to any channels. This could be useful if you want to upgrade for example a Plex server that is currently recording. One glance in Icinga2 could tell you if recording is in progress.


Icinga not tuned Icinga tuned


  • hdhomerun-config


Install and test hdhomerun-config

# apt install hdhomerun-config
# hdhomerun_config discover
hdhomerun device abcd1234 found at
Install check_hdhomerun plugin
# cd /tmp
# git clone

Copy the into your CustomScriptDir or wherever you have your scripts

Configuration for Icinga2

object CheckCommand "check-hdhomerun" {
    import "plugin-check-command"

    command = [ CustomScriptDir + "/" ]

    arguments = {
        "-i" = "$address$"

object HostGroup "hdhomerun" {
  display_name = "hdhomerun"

apply Service "HDHomerun Tuner" {
    import "generic-service"
    check_command = "check-hdhomerun"

    enable_notifications = false

    assign where "hdhomerun" in host.groups
object Host "hr1" {
  import "generic-host"

  address = ""

  groups = [ "hdhomerun" ]