Icinga plugin to get performance data from sar


This plug-in was written to get performance data from sar. Can be integrated into Icinga with using the agent. v2.11 provides a CheckCommand definition inside the ITL.

You may need to tweak the profiles to be compatible with your version of sysstat. Please make modifications to the myOpts section.


  • sysstat tool


# ./  [ ...]

Example: cpu
sar OK| CPU=all user=59.90 nice=0.00 system=4.46 iowait=0.00 steal=0.00 idle=35.64 disk sda
sar OK| DEV=sda tps=0.00 rd_sec/s=0.00 wr_sec/s=0.00 avgrq-sz=0.00 avgqu-sz=0.00 await=0.00 svctm=0.00 util=0.00 foo
ERROR: option not defined


  • pagestat
  • cpu
  • memory_util
  • memory_stat
  • io_transfer
  • queueln_load
  • swap_util
  • swap_stat
  • task
  • kernel
  • disk