- monitor releases of manually installed software

A simple script to monitor manually installed software for new upstream releases. Can be used as monitoring plugin with Icinga/Nagios/...

It takes a local changelog file and a remote upstream release page as input, guesses the highest version from both and compares them.

Perl dependencies

  • Dpkg::Version (Debian package libdpkg-perl)
  • HTTP::Request (Debian package libhttp-message-perl)
  • LWP::UserAgent (Debian package libwww-perl)

Usage examples:

$ --name=roundcube --changelog=/var/www/roundcube/CHANGELOG --url='' --regex='roundcubemail/releases/tag/([^v]__VER__)'
$ --name=linux --changelog=/usr/src/linux/ChangeLog --url='' --regex='linux-(__VER__)\.tar'
$ --name=app --changelog=/usr/local/app/CHANGELOG --url='' --regex='app/files/app/([^v]__VER__)/'


GNU General Public License, Version 2 or later