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This is a monitoring plugin for Icinga 2 to check the status of a Fritz!Box


  1. clone this Repository to an empty folder
  2. execute the getSecurityPort script, to find out your TR-064 SSL port
  3. copy the check_tr64_fritz script to your Icinga 2 PluginDir
  4. write a CheckCommand Definition
  5. create a new service in Icinga for your Fritz!Box and have fun :)



getSecurityPort  = IP of your Fritz!Box

The return value is your SSL port for TR-064.


usage: check_tr64_fritz -h  -p  -u  -P  -f  -w  -c 

  -h: IP-Adress or hostname from the Fritz!Box
      default =

  -p: SSL-Port from the Fritz!Box
      default = 49443

  -u: Login Username for the Fritz!Box
      default = dslf-config

  -P: Login Password for the Fritz!Box

  -f: Function to check
      default = status

  -w: value where the warning state come into effect
      default = -1 / returns every time an OK state

  -c: value where the critical state come into effect
      default = -1 / return every time an OK state


  status = Connection Status

  linkuptime = WAN link uptime

  uptime = device uptime

  downstream = useable downstream rate
               output in Mbit/s

  upstream = useable upstream rate
             output in Mbit/s

  downstreamrate = current downstream rate
                   output in Mbit/s

  upstreamrate = current upstream rate
                 output in Mbit/s

  update = get the update state


  -d: prints debug information

The username and password are the same as for the web interface of your Fritz!Box. If you don't need a username for the login to your Fritz!Box leave the argument blank.


In fact that a pasword is transmitted over the network, this Script use SSL to communicate with the Fritz!Box. To find out the port which is used for SSL TR-064, please use the script getSecurityPort

Make sure you are hiding password variables in Icinga Web 2.

  1. login to your Icinga Web 2
  2. go to Configuration -> Modules -> monitoring -> Security
  3. make sure your custom password varibale is protected (defaults are *pw*,*pass*,community, if you named your custom variable fritzbox_password it will be protected with the defaults

Hats off to

This script uses much of FRITZ!Box mit Nagios ├╝berwachen and of an article about Fritz!Box and TR-064 from the heise publishing house.

Latest release

Release 1.5

1.5 Release


Name Description Size Type Last Changed
getSecurityPort Get the HTTPS port for TR-064 interface 890.00 B text/x-shellscript Download
check_tr64_fritz Check Pugin for AVM FritzBox, used the TR-064 protocol 7.07 kB text/x-shellscript Download


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