an interface to TOPdesk incident management

Open Incidents in Topdesk

Author: Martin Fuerstenau, mf_at_maerber.de


TOPdesk (http://www.topdesk.com) is a service management tool owned and developed by

TOPdesk, Postbus 559, 2600 AN Delft, Netherlands.

handle_TD_incidents was developed by me because we here at work are using TOPdesk and Nagios. And the only program doing something similar is a non free program from a Dutch company.

Purpose and features of the program:

  • Submitting incidents (trouble tickets) to TOPdesk
  • Placing an acknowledge together with a comment containing the indicent number and a hyperlink to the incident ticket in Nagios. Further notification from Nagios will be suppressed
  • Can handle more than one TOPdesk server
  • Can close/complete incidents (Based on a timeframe or everytime)
  • If the file with the timestamp and the TOPdesk UNID has been deleted the script can not close/complete or add comments.
  • Decision for close/complete is based on the TOPdesk Server
  • Default mappings for duration (Severity)
  • Mappings can be overritten with the -t switch

See readme.txt