:penguin: Nagios Plugins for Linux

Release Version 24 -= New Year 2019 release -=

What's new in this release



check_uptime: add warn, crit, and min values to perfdata check_cpufreq: make it possible to output the values in Hz/kHz/mHz/gHz by adding the new command-line switches: -H | --Hz, -K | --kHz, -M | --mHz, -G | --gHz.

Build system

  • Check for the compiler flag -Wstringop-truncation availability.
  • Remove the autotools-generated file libtool.
  • Fix unsupported warning options for clang (7.0.0): -Wformat-signedness and -Wstringop-truncation.

Packages creation

Fedora 29 is now a supported distribution.


check_cpufreq: the frequences returned by sysfs are in KHz.

Thanks to ...

magmax ( and sbraz for their bug reports and PRs.


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Release tarball
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Release Version 23 -= 2018 release -=

What's new in this release



New plugin check_docker for:

  • checking the total number of running docker containers or the containers of a given type
  • checking the memory usage (alpha!)

Build system

The sources will now be built with the available compiler's hardening flags. The following compiler flags are tested/added when available:

-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 (Buffer overflow checks)
-fstack-protector-strong or -fstack-protector-all
-fpie -fPIE (Position Independent Executable support)
-Wl,-z,relro (RELRO (read-only relocation))

The option --disable-hardening disable the attempt to harden the resulting executables.

./configure now displays a summary of the build options at the end.

You can add the option --enable-werror to make all warnings as errors at buit time. This option is disabled by default.

Packages creation

Fedora 27 and Fedora 28 are now supported distributions.

Test framework

Some new unit tests have been added:

  • lib/container
  • lib/url_encode
  • tests/testutils


Fix some issues reported by Codacy, Coverity, and LGTM.


The command line option --enable-libprocps has been added for linking the binaries with the library libprocps newlib instead of using the internal libraries.


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Release tarball
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Release Version 22 - commit #600

What's new in this release


vminfo lib: add the following items to the /proc/vmstat parser:

  • vm_pgalloc_dma32
  • vm_pgrefill_dma32
  • vm_pgscan_direct_dma32
  • vm_pgscan_kswapd_dma32
  • vm_pgsteal_dma32
  • vm_pgsteal_direct_dma
  • vm_pgsteal_direct_dma32

The DMA32 memory zone is only available on 64-bit linux (low ~4GBytes of memory). This patch can slightly modify the value of the memory counters reported by check_memory.


  • Fix several warnings reported by Codacy and Codeclimate.


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Release tarball
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