:penguin: Nagios Plugins for Linux

Release Version 28 -= Alpine Hike =- latest

What's new in this release


A few Clang and GCC warnings have been fixed.


Plugin check_pressure

New plugin check_pressure that reports the Linux Pressure Stall Information (PSI) exported by Linux kernels 4.20+ (in the /proc/pressure/ folder).

check_pressure --cpu      return the cpu pressure metrics
check_pressure --io       return the io (block layer/filesystems) pressure metrics
check_pressure --memory   return the memory pressure metrics
Build system

Here are some notable news:

  • Integrate Nagios Plugins for Linux with GitHub Workflow tests;
  • Add Linux Alpine and Ubuntu to the list of supported and automatically tested Linux distributions;
  • Update the list of supported platforms by adding Alpine 3.12 and Fedora 33;
  • Make the packages/docker-shell-helpers folder a git submodule.
Package creation

Create also the native package for Alpine 3.12.


application/x-bzip 2020-12-12 Download from Github


application/x-xz 2020-12-12 Download from Github


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-12-12 Download from Github

Release Version 27 -= Polish Landscapes =-

What's new in this release


  • check_multipath: free memory allocated to the pattern buffer by the function regcomp;
  • lib/meminfo_procps, lib/vminfo_procps: fix the libprocps-ng:newlib detection at build time (this is an experimental feature because a stable libprocps-ng newlib library has not been released yet).


  • check_network: highly improved by adding a bunch of new command-line options;
  • check_network: support WireGuard interfaces;
  • lib/netinfo (check_network): switch from getifaddrs glib call to linux rtnetlink to be able to address more network interface types;
  • lib/netinfo-private: switch to ETHTOOL_GLINKSETTINGS when possible (requires Linux kernel 4.9+), revert to the obsolete ETHTOOL_GSET otherwise.

For more details, you can look at the file NEWS.


application/x-bzip 2020-08-08 Download from Github


application/x-xz 2020-08-08 Download from Github


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-08-08 Download from Github

Release Version 26 -= Lockdown release =-

What's new in this release


  • New (beta) plugin check_podman for checking some runtime metrics of podman running containers. This plugin requires the varlink library and its corresponding development package.
  • Add Fedora 32 and CentOS 8 to the supported distributions (rpm package creation).


  • Fix build with musl by including limits.h when PATH_MAX is used.
  • Fix build when '-fno-common' is added to CFLAGS (gcc 10)

For more details, you can look at the file NEWS in the root directory.


application/x-bzip 2020-05-05 Download from Github


application/x-xz 2020-05-05 Download from Github


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-05-05 Download from Github
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