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Plugin for Icinga, Nagios and Shinken to check the apache status.

If the apache status page accessable then this plugin checks for open slots, busy workers and idle workers.

Usage: [OPTIONS]

-?, --usage

Print usage information

-h, --help

Print detailed help screen

-V, --version

Print version information


Read options from an ini file. See for usage and examples.

-H, --hostname=STRING

hostname or ip address to check

-p, --port=INTEGER

port, default 80 (http) or 443 (https)

-U, --username

username for basic auth, requires password

-P, password

assword for basic auth, requires username

-u, --uri=STRING

uri, default /server-status

-s, --ssl

use https instead of http

-N, --no_validate

do not validate the SSL certificate chain

-R, --unreachable

CRITICAL if socket timed out or http code >= 500

-w, --warning=STRING

warning threshold

-c, --critical=STRING

critical threshold

-t, --timeout=INTEGER

Seconds before plugin times out (default: 15)

-v, --verbose

Show details for command-line debugging (can repeat up to 3 times)

Thresholds will be set comma seperated in the correct row, first for open slots followed by busy works and at last idle workers. Setting non for one of them is also possible, i.e.

./ -H localhost -w ,,10 -c ,,5

Latest release

Release 1.3.0

1.3.0 Release


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