Nagmap Reborn

Nagmap Reborn - Standalone integration with some server monitoring systems providing a user-friendly interface through geographic visualization.


Nagmap Reborn Project

Nagmap Reborn interconnects directly with the information generated by the monitoring systems, providing a user-friendly interface for monitoring servers and services, through geographic visualization on the map.

Making it possible to easily and visually identify the status of what is monitored, it is also possible to view summary information about each host, in addition to some exclusive features

Nagmap Reborn is based on Nagmap project developed by Marcel Hecko.


This version brings significant logical changes, being a break-point in the API compatibility between v1.x.x and v2.x.x.

With these changes it was possible to achieve the following objectives:

  • Use of modern technologies;
  • Separation of front-end and back-end;
  • Maintenance facilitation;
  • Better performance and scalability (Handles large installations well);
  • A bunch of new cool features;


Download the latest version from the release page.

Follow the instructions contained in the file, there you will find find complete instructions for installing and configuring the project.

Migrating from v1.6.x to v2.0.0

See here a detailed guide of all the changes made and what actions are necessary for version migration!


Currently Nagmap Reborn can easily integrate directly with:

  • Nagios.
  • Icinga.
  • Centreon.

It is possible to integrate with other systems that have the structure similar to these, if it worked with some other server monitoring system please let me know!


Contribution are always welcome and recommended! Here is how:

  1. Fork the repository (here is the guide)
  2. Clone to your machine
  3. Make your changes
  4. Create a pull request


You can see here the Wiki / FAQ of Nagmap Reborn. You'll find tutorials and answers to common questions!

Terms of use (Leaflet / OpenStreetMap)

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  • This app uses the OpenStreetMap's tiles. See here the privacy policy.