after long search for such a plugin i decided to write my own plugin to check NVIDIA Graphic Card GPU Load on Windows Servers, and is working fine now. feel free to use it ,share it and update it.

To monitor Nvidia Graphic Card Performance on Windows you need to install nvidia wmi providers on the target machine. Download and Install Nvidia-WMI-Driver

Use Any WMIExplorer to See if you have already the new Nvidia Name Space ROOT\cimv2\NV

Now the Check Script This plugin doesn’t provide any kind of alerting at this time, only to record performance data. We check GPU Usage, GPU Memory Usage, and Temperature.

NSClient Config The script should be placed under nsclient++\scripts\ Name it check_nvidia.ps1 or as you like

Add command in nsclient.ini under this section

[/settings/external scripts/scripts] check_nvidia = cmd /c echo scripts\check_nvidia.ps1; exit($lastexitcode) | powershell.exe -NoProfile -command -

Icinga2 Service Configuration check_command = "nrpe" vars.nrpe_command = "check_nvidia" enable_perfdata = true