Icinga/Nagios check for Spring Boot applications using the actuator framework

About check_springboot_actuator

This is an Nagios/Icinga check plugin for Spring Boot applications using the actuator framework. The check inspects the response from the health and metrics endpoints.


The check checks the status field from the health endpoint for

  • global status
  • cassandra status
  • diskSpace status
  • db
  • dataSource status
  • elasticsearch status
  • jms status
  • mail status
  • mongo status
  • rabbit status
  • redis status
  • solr status
  • vault

The check aggregates metrics for the counter.status data from the metrics endpoints.


check_springboot_actuator is licensed under the terms of the MIT license as described in the LICENSE file.


check_springboot_actuator requires Python 2.7 and the pynag and requests libraries in the versions specified in requirements.txt.