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PNP module for Icinga Web 2

General Information

PNP is an addon to Icinga which analyzes performance data provided by plugins and stores them automatically into RRD-databases.

This module integrates PNP4Nagios into your Icinga Web 2 frontend. It requires PNP4Nagios to installed and configured.


Just drop this module to a folder named pnp in one of your Icinga Web 2 module directories. Then enable it in your frontend (Configuration -> Modules -> pnp -> enable) and it should work out of the box. Check the modules config tab right there in case you are using a customized installation instead of standard PNP4Nagios packages.


We should also provide an easy way to integrate our authentication and permission system into PNP4Nagios. This would require a small wrapper doing an embedded Icinga Web 2 bootstrap in order to provide our user object and a list of allowed hosts/services to PNP4Nagios.

Latest release

Release v1.0.1



Name Description Size Type Last Changed Module file for Icinga Web 2 13.94 kB application/zip Download


Hello, how can i change the icingaweb2 config for using customized installation module Thanks :)


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