Icinga PowerShell Plugins

A collection of Windows check plugins for the Icinga PowerShell Framework

Release Icinga PowerShell Plugins v1.2.0 latest

1.2.0 (2020-08-28)

Issue and PRs

New Plugins

This release adds the following new plugins:


  • #34 Replaces plugin CIM/WMI calls for new Framework wrapper function Get-IcingaWindowsInformation to properly handle config/permission errors


  • #32 Improves plugin doc generate to update existing .md files and create new ones only if required
  • #28 Adds unknown state for each included service during a service check which was not found on the host
  • #33 Adds support to generate plugin docs for different plugin module repos
  • #38 Adds new plugin Invoke-IcingaCheckDiskHealth
  • #39 Fixes Performance Counters check plugin to throw error in case Performance Counter do not exist or a simply not present
  • #42 Improves performance of Invoke-IcingaCheckCPU for multi socket systems and optimises the code
  • #44 Adds check for Performance Counter categories 'Memory' and 'Processor' if they are present on a system, throwing an 'Unknown' if not


  • #30 Fixes $null input value for certificate check, causing the Director import to fail
  • #36 Fixes Ok return value for Invoke-IcingaCheckDirectory while -Path argument is not set
  • #37 Fixes -FileNames argument being ignored for Invoke-IcingaCheckDirectory while not using the -Recurse argument
  • #40 Fixes Get-TimeZone Cmdlet not known for Invoke-IcingaCheckTimeSync on Windows 2012 R2 and older
  • #50, #51 Fixes possible crash/artifacts on plugin output for EventLog check while filters do not match any entry


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-08-28 Download from Github

Release Icinga PowerShell Plugins v1.1.0

Issue and PRs


This release adds two new plugins to the collection:


  • #26 Fixes Invoke-IcingaCheckEventLog to use EventIds instead of InstanceIds for filtering and output


  • #19 Fixes exclude of EventLog ids for Invoke-IcingaCheckEventLog
  • #27 Fixes User provider to prevent almost infinite loop on AccountDomainSid resolving


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-06-02 Download from Github

Release Icinga PowerShell Plugins v1.0.0

The first stable release of our Icinga for Windows PowerShell Plugins

Fixed Issues and Improvements

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap


  • Added new performance data output for certain plugins
  • Added smart service check handling which will by default lookup all services which should be started automatically and throw critical if some are not running and exited not with exit code 0
  • Increased the performance of certain plugins
  • Fixed smaller display issues, framework compatibility and wrong output data

Update Notes

  • If you installed the previous RC versions of the Plugins, you will have to generate the Icinga Director Basket configuration again and re-import the newly generated JSON file. Please be aware that because of possible changes your old custom variables containing arguments and thresholds might not apply due to new custom variable naming and handling. Please ensure to have a backup of your Icinga Director before applying any changes


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-02-19 Download from Github
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