Icinga PowerShell Framework

This PowerShell module will allow to fetch data from Windows hosts and use them for inventory and monitoring solutions. Together with the Icinga Web 2 module, a detailed overview of your Windows infrastructure will be drawn.

Release Icinga for Windows v1.6.1

1.6.1 (2021-09-15)

Issue and PRs


  • #361 Fixes IMC freeze on Icinga Director Self-Service installation, in case no Agent installation set on Self-Service API config
  • #362 Fixes repository component installation from file share locations
  • #363 Fixes unneeded continue for JEA process lookup, in case no JEA pid is present
  • #365 Fixes Icinga environment corruption on Icinga Agent installation failure
  • #366 Fixes error handling with Icinga Director over IMC, by printing more detailed and user-friendly error messages
  • #367 Fixes Icinga Director register state not being saved on overview after registration of Host inside Self-Service API
  • #368 Fixes repository lookup on local path for ifw.repo.json, in the json file was added to the file path during repository add
  • #369 Fixes experimental feature warning for API-Check Forwarder feature, which is fully supported since v1.6.0 and replaces it with proper information and link to docs
  • #371 Fixes wrong indention on Icinga parent host address at IMC configuration summary overview
  • #373 Fixes repository names with dots (.) by replacing them with -, as otherwise the config parser will fail finding the config object


  • #364 Fixes a long lookup for the user table on environments with a large Active Directory
  • #370 Fixes misleading IMC summary header, implying installation will start immediately on continue


Release tarball
application/gzip 2021-09-14 Download from Github

Release Icinga for Windows v1.6.0

1.6.0 (2021-09-07)

Issue and PRs


  • #300 Fixes an issue on Boolean to empty String conversion for possible maximum values on check plugins on Windows 2012 R2
  • #311 Fixes an issue with negative inputs on some scenarios which will cause an exception for checks instead of continuing executing them properly
  • #317 Fixes certain file names being too long, causing errors on deploying branches
  • #326 Fixes import for module files, by using the full path to the module now instead of the name only, as files could be placed inside a folder which is not listed inside the $ENV:PSModulePath
  • #327 Fixes possible exception on first import run for certain systems
  • #328 Fixes installer while using installation files or the installation command, which did not overwrite default values with custom values
  • #330 Fixes Remove-ItemSecure which was not using all args and might fail on empty path entries
  • #332 Fixes Icinga Director Self-Service ticket handling, which was not working within the Icinga Management Console
  • #335 Fixes Icinga Director Self-Service Zones and CA config for legacy installation wizard
  • #343 Fixes freeze within Icinga Management Console, in case commands which previously existed were removed/renamed or the user applied an invalid configuration with unknown commands as install file or install command
  • #345 Fixes Framework environment variables like $IcingaEnums not working with v1.6.0
  • #351 Fixes file writer which could cause corruption on parallel read/write events on the same file
  • #359 Fixes Plain Plugin Cmdlet execution on shell


  • #301 Improves error handling to no longer print passwords in case String is used for SecureString arguments
  • #303 Adds support to parse arrays to Icinga Check thresholds functions like WarnOutOfRange and adds two new functions WarnDateTime and CritDateTime, for easier comparing of time stamps.
  • #305 Adds a new Cmdlet to test if functions with Add-Type are already present inside the current scope of the shell
  • #306 Adds new Cmdlet Exit-IcingaThrowCritical to throw critical exit with a custom message, either by force or by using string filtering and adds storing of plugin exit codes internally
  • #310 Adds repository management to install components very easily from one or multiple defined source locations
  • #314 Adds support to configure on which address TCP sockets are created on, defaults to loopback interface
  • #316 The reconfigure menu was previously present inside the Icinga Agent sub-menu and is now moved to the main installation menu for the Management Console
  • #318 We always enforce the Icinga Framework Code caching now and ship a plain file to build the cache on first loading
  • #322 Remove legacy import feature from Framework and replace it with a dummy function, as no longer required by Icinga for Windows
  • #323 Adds -RebuildCache switch to icinga command alias and Invoke-IcingaCommand, for quicker cache re-creation for developers
  • #333 Adds Cmdlet Test-IcingaForWindowsService to test the Icinga for Windows service configuration
  • #338 Improves various styles, outputs and view for the Icinga for Windows Management Console and fixes some spelling mistakes
  • #342 Adds feature to print commands being executed by the Icinga Management Console with l and improves summary visualisation for better readability
  • #346 Adds support for version names for snapshots
  • #348 Improves debug output on TCP handling by separating several network messages into multiple messages and by logging the send message to the client
  • #354 Adds extended Repository management to Icinga Management Console


Release tarball
application/gzip 2021-09-06 Download from Github

Release Icinga for Windows v1.5.2

1.5.2 (2021-07-09)

Security Fixes

  • #298 Fixes possible security vulnerability on Icinga for Windows service registration, by not quoting the service path on registration

You can read more on this on the Knowledge Base Entry with further details, on how to apply the fix and test if you are affected.


Release tarball
application/gzip 2021-07-09 Download from Github