Icinga PowerShell Framework

This PowerShell module will allow to fetch data from Windows hosts and use them for inventory and monitoring solutions. Together with the Icinga Web 2 module, a detailed overview of your Windows infrastructure will be drawn.

Release Icinga for Windows v1.12.3 latest

1.12.3 (2024-04-24)

Issues and PRs


  • #718 Fixes Icinga repository JSON validator to report the correct state of the validation status, in case the JSON is not valid
  • #722 Fixes leading \ for the service binary path and directory, which results in wrong behavior while using the same shell on which the initial installation was made
  • #724 Fixes icingaforwindows.pfx creation in case another certutil is installed on the system and being available in the PATH environment
  • #725 Fixes Icinga for Windows certificate handling by keeping the .pfx file on the system as created, without using the certificate store. Also fixes handling for providing thumbprints for certificates, which are now loaded directly from the certificate store by also providing a new filter mechanic to fetch the proper certificates from the store


Release tarball
application/gzip 2024-04-24 Download from Github

Release Icinga for Windows v1.12.2

1.12.2 (2024-04-10)

Issues and PRs


  • #719 Fixes certificate handling for renewing certificates with the scheduled task background, which could fail on some Windows Server 2022 environments


Release tarball
application/gzip 2024-04-10 Download from Github

Release Icinga for Windows v1.12.1

1.12.1 (2024-04-09)

Issues and PRs


  • #672 Fixes Icinga for Windows REST-Api to fully read client data, even when they client is sending the packets on a very slow basis, preventing the API trying to process an incomplete request
  • #707 Fixes size of the Icinga for Windows eventlog by setting it to 20MiB, allowing to store more events before they are overwritten
  • #708 Fixes the order for updating components with Update-Icinga, to ensure the framework is always updated first before all other components
  • #709 Fixes error handling for Icinga for Windows repositories by providing more details about occurring errors as well as properly checking the JSON-File for the repository and providing more details about JSON errors
  • #710 Fixes various console errors while running Icinga for Windows outside of an administrative shell
  • #713 Fixes Icinga for Windows REST-Api which fails during certificate auth handling while running as NT Authority\NetworkService
  • #714 Fixes missing service environment information during initial setup of Icinga for Windows v1.12 on some systems
  • #715 Fixes internal scheduled task handling and certificate renewal task by setting the user to LocalSystem instead of any administrative user or group, ensuring compatibility with all Windows versions as well as managing by using WinRM and SSH
  • #716 Fixes Icinga for Windows certificate creation while using WinRM or SSH for remote connections


Release tarball
application/gzip 2024-04-09 Download from Github
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