The Graphite module for displays data stored in Graphite directly in the Icinga Web 2 interface.

Release Icinga Web Graphite Integration v1.2.4 latest

What's New in Version 1.2.4

  • Improved Support for PHP 8.2
  • Compatibility with icinga-php-library v0.13.0
  • Export to PDF is working again with the Icinga DB Backend


Release tarball
application/gzip 2023-09-21 Download from Github

Release Icinga Web Graphite Integration v1.2.3

What's New in Version 1.2.3

  • Support for PHP 8.2
  • Conformance to HTTP Content-Security-Policy
  • Enhanced compatibility with Icinga DB Web


Release tarball
application/gzip 2023-07-05 Download from Github

Release Icinga Web Graphite Integration v1.2.2

What's New in Version 1.2.2

This release is mainly defined by several maintenance tasks. Though, two fixes are also included:

  • Graphs are displayed again even if the monitoring module is not installed
  • Thanks to a community contribution: Graphs retain their aspect ratio now if a template defines a different width or height than the default

It's a Package!

In addition, the module is now available as package from Icinga! Just remove the current installation and install the icinga-graphite package. If you have adjusted any of the default templates, make a backup of your changes beforehand! Templates that are stored as part of the module configuration are safe and will not be affected.


Release tarball
application/gzip 2022-12-01 Download from Github
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