Generic TTS

Generic ticket system integration into Icinga web 2

Generic TTS - Icinga Web 2 module

Generic TTS implements Icinga Web 2's ticket hook for replacing ticket patterns with links to your trouble ticket system (TTS). Icinga Web 2's core module monitoring for example uses the ticket hook for acknowledgements, downtimes and comments. Other modules may use the ticket hook for all kinds of text too.


Like with any other Icinga Web 2 module just drop generictts into the modules directory and enable the module in your web frontend or via Web 2's CLI.

This module has no dependencies.


After you've enabled generictts you reach its configuration in Icinga Web 2 via the module's configuration tab. But you may also change its configuration manually. generictts maintains a configuration file which is normally located at:


You have to understand regular expressions for this configuration. A pattern must be provided that captures the relevant value into capture group $1.

What happens in the following example here is that whenever we stumble over a text containing a # followed by four to six digits, that number will be replaced by a link pointing to that specific ticket in your TTS.

pattern = "/#([0-9]{4,6})/"
url = "https://my.ticket.system/tickets/id=$1"


Below you can find a working example for JIRA and OTRS.

pattern = "/([A-Z]+-[0-9]{1,9})/i"
url = "$1"

pattern = "/#([0-9]{1,9})/"
url = "$1"