The Director aims to be your new favourite Icinga config deployment tool. Director is designed for those who want to automate their configuration deployment and those who want to grant their “point & click” users easy access to the configuration.

Release Icinga Director v1.5.2 latest

Fixed issues

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap

Configuration rendering

  • FIX: Fix compatibility with Icinga v2.6, got broken with v1.5.0 (#1614)


  • FIX: No more invalid JSON in some special circumstances (#1314)

User Interface

  • FIX: Hostgroup assignment cache has been fixed (#1574, #1618)

DB Schema

  • FIX: missing user/timeperiod constraint. We usually do not touch the schema in minor versions, this has been cherry-picked by accident. However, don't worry - the migration has been tested intensively.


Release tarball
application/gzip 2018-10-30 Download from Github

Release Icinga Director v1.5.1

Fixed issues

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap

Icinga Configuration

  • FIX: Switched Variable-Override related constant names broke the feature (#1601)

User Interface

  • FIX: Custom Fields attached to a Service Template have not been shown for Apply Rules whose name matched the Template Name (#1602)

Import and Sync

  • FIX: There was an issue with specific binary checksums on MySQL (#1556)


Release tarball
application/gzip 2018-08-14 Download from Github

Release Icinga Director v1.5.0

Fixed issues

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap

Security Fixes

  • FIX: users with director/audit permission had the possibility to inject SQL. Thanks to Boyd Ansems for reporting this.

Permissions and Restrictions

  • FEATURE: Showing the executed SQL query now requires the showsql permission
  • FEATURE: Grant access to Service Set in a controlled way
  • FIX: do not allow a user to create hosts he wouldn't be allowed to see #1451
  • FIX: Hostgroup-based restrictions worked fine when applied, bug was buggy in combination with directly assigned or inherited groups (#1464)

Icinga Configuration

  • FEATURE: Add 'is false (or not set)' condition for apply rules (#1436)
  • FEATURE: support flapping settings for Icinga >= 2.8.0 (#330)
  • FEATURE: include all itl packages in Linux Agent sample config (#1450)
  • FEATURE: it's now possible to blacklist inherited or applied Services on single hosts (#907)
  • FEATURE: timestamped startup log rendering for upcoming Icinga v2.9.0 (#1478)
  • FEATURE: allow to switch between multiple Director databases (#1498)
  • FEATURE: it's now possible to specify Zones for UserGroups (#1163)
  • FEATURE: dependencies are no longer considered experimental

User Interface

  • FEATURE: Admins have now access to JSON download links in many places
  • FEATURE: Users equipped with related permissions can toggle "Show SQL" in the GUI
  • FEATURE: A Service Set can now be assigned to multiple hosts at once #1281
  • FEATURE: Commands can now be filtered by usage (#1480)
  • FEATURE: Show usage of Commands over templates and objects (#335)
  • FEATURE: Allow horizontal size increase of Import Source DB Query field (#299)
  • FEATURE: Small UI improvements like #1308
  • FEATURE: Data Lists can be chosen by name in Sync rules (#1048)
  • FEATURE: Inspect feature got refactored, also for Services (#264, #689, #1396, #1397)
  • FEATURE: The "Modify" hook is now available for Services (#689), regardless of whether they have been directly assigned, inherited or applied
  • FEATURE: Config preview links imports, hosts and commands to related objects (#1521)
  • FEATURE: German translation has been refreshed (#1599)
  • FEATURE: Apply Rule editor shows suggestions for Data-List vars (#1588)
  • FIX: Don't suggest Command templates where Commands are required (#1414)
  • FIX: Do not allow to delete Commands being used by other objects (#1443)
  • FIX: Show 'Inspect' tab only for Endpoints with an ApiUser (#1293)
  • FIX: It's now possible to specify TimePeriods for single Users #944
  • FIX: Redirect after not modifying a Command Argument failed on some RHEL 7 setups (#1512)
  • FIX: click on Service Set titles no longer removes them from their host (#1560)
  • FIX: Restoring objects based on compound keys has been fixed (#1597)
  • FIX: Linux Agent kickstart script improved and tweaked for Icinga 2.9 (#1596)


  • FEATURE: Director Health Check Plugin (#1278)
  • FEATURE: Show and trigger Import Sources (#1474)
  • FEATURE: Show and trigger Sync Rules ( #1476)

Import and Sync

  • FIX: Sync is very powerful and allows for actions not available in the GUI. It however allowed to store invalid single Service Objects with no Host. This is now illegal, as it never makes any sense
  • FIX: Performance boost for "purge" on older MySQL/MariaDB systems (#1475)
  • FEATURE: new Property Modifier for IPs formatted as number in Excel files (#1296)
  • FEATURE: new Property Modifier to url-encode values
  • FEATURE: new Property Modifier: uppercase the first character of each word
  • FEATURE: Kickstart Helper now also imports Event Commands (#1389)
  • FEATURE: Preserve _override_servicevars on sync, even when replacing vars (#1307)


  • FIX: problems related to users working from different time zones have been fixed (#1270, #1332)
  • FEATURE: Html/Attribute now allows boolean properties
  • FEATURE: Html/Attribute allows colons in attribute names (required for SVGs)
  • FEATURE: Html/Attributes can be prefixed (helps with data-*)
  • FEATURE: Html/Img data:-urls are now supported
  • FEATURE: ipl has been aligned with the upcoming ipl-html library
  • FEATURE: Director now supports multiple Databases, allows to switch between them and to deploy different Config Packages. Other features based on this combined with related documentation will follow.


Release tarball
application/gzip 2018-08-13 Download from Github
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