The Director aims to be your new favourite Icinga config deployment tool. Director is designed for those who want to automate their configuration deployment and those who want to grant their “point & click” users easy access to the configuration.

Release Icinga Director v1.7.0 latest

Breaking Changes

  • At least PHP 5.6.3 is now required, Director 1.7.x will refuse to work with older versions
  • New dependencies have been introduced, Upgrading and Installation documentations contain related details


Fixed issues

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap

User Interface

  • FIX: Service-related links in Activity Log have been corrected (#1377, #1816)
  • FIX: Activity Log now works for Service Sets (#1287, #1786, #1816)
  • FIX: Assign Filters are no longer mandatory when modifying Service Groups (#930)
  • FIX: Object type for CheckCommands has been corrected in config preview (#1799)
  • FIX: Import preview in combination with Black/Whitelisting (#1825)
  • FIX: Routing/redirection when working with Data Fields (#1847)
  • FIX: Auto-suggestion field was positioned wrongly once scrolled down
  • FIX: Timezone inconsistencie have been fixed (#1700)
  • FIX: Link-like buttons where shortened on Icinga Web 2.7 (#1928)
  • FIX: Search in range-filtered Activity Log no longer fails (#1381)
  • FEATURE: It's now possible to clone a Service to a different Host (#1796)
  • FEATURE: Scheduled Downtimes for "Hosts AND their services" (#1831)
  • FEATURE: Auto-suggestion and more for Fields based on Data Lists (#1846)
  • FEATURE: Show missing dependencies (#1938)


  • FEATURE: German translation has been refreshed (#1951)
  • FEATURE: Japanese is now available (#1869)


Import and Sync

  • FIX: Avoid caching between multiple runs of sync (#1836)
  • FIX: Imported Rows Table (history) eventually failed on Icinga Web 2 (#1925)
  • FIX: Improved error handling on preview (#1941)
  • FEATURE: When fetching invalid data, Import refers erroneous rows (#1741)
  • FEATURE: Sync now offers a preview, showing what would happen (#1754)
  • FEATURE: ParseURL property modifier has been added (#1746)
  • FEATURE: There is a new generic REST API Import Source (#1818)
  • FEATURE: Sync now supports Notifications and Dependencies (#1212, #925, #1209)
  • FEATURE: Limits (memory, execution time) raised for Import runs via UI (#1954)


Configuration Baskets

  • FIX: snapshots do no longer fail for deleted elements on snapshot (#1940)
  • FEATURE: baskets now support External Commands (#1854)


  • FIX: Command Arguments can now be managed via API (#1416)


  • FIX: importsource fetch did not apply configured property modifiers (#1819)
  • FEATURE: Service Groups are now available on CLI (#1745)
  • FEATURE: A new background daemon has been introduced (#1905)


Icinga Configuration

  • FIX: Allow to render single configuration files larger than 16MB (#1787)
  • FIX: Icinga v2.11 version detection for Agent Installation script (#1957)
  • DEPRECATED: magic-apply-for (a hidden feature) is now deprecated (#1850)
  • FEATURE: It's now possible to define Scheduled Downtimes (#347, #1828)
  • FEATURE: Allow to render command definitions as (v1.x-like) strings (#1809)
  • FEATURE: host address now allows 255 characters (#1890)
  • FEATURE: Director now assists with Services applied to parent Zones (#1634)
  • FEATURE: Warn affected setups when affected by a specific core issue (#1958)


  • FIX: Installation instructions have been adjusted to fit MySQL 8


  • FIX: support different timezones with MySQL (#1332, #1840)
  • FIX: support importing DSL-based Command Arguments (#1812)
  • FEATURE: a new Hook allows to run custom code at deployment time (#1342, #1843)
  • FEATURE: there is a new low-level IcingaObjectFormHook (#1841)


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-09-30 Download from Github

Release Icinga Director v1.6.2

What's new?

This patch release addresses a small regression in v1.6.1. Service Sets assigned to single Hosts have been rendered with errors. This happened once we fixed blacklisting from Services in such Sets, shortly before the former release. With v1.6.2 this should now work as expected.


Fixed issues

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap

Icinga Configuration

  • FIX: rendering for Service Sets on single Hosts has been fixed (#1788, #1789)


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-03-01 Download from Github

Release Icinga Director v1.6.1

What's new?

This is a patch release, focused on bug fixes. It addresses many little issues related to the Configuration Basket (available since v1.6.0), brings back our loop detection and improves the Blacklisting feature. It is now possible to grant a read-only view for Services, allowing one to see where they originated. A new REST API endpoint has been introduced for those who want to deal with Service Apply Rules.


Looping Louie is Looping again!

Fixed issues

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap

User Interface

  • FIX: restoring a basket fails when there is only one configured DB (#1716)
  • FIX: creating a new Basket with a "Custom Selection" failed with an error (#1733)
  • FIX: some new reserved keywords are now escaped correctly (#1765)
  • FIX: correctly render NOT used in apply rules (fixes #1777)
  • FIX: Activity Log used to ignore Host filters (#1613)
  • FIX: Basket failed to restore depending on PHP version (#1782)
  • FIX: Loop detection works again (#1631)
  • FIX: Snapshots for Baskets with Dependencies are now possible (#1739)
  • FIX: Commands snapshots now carry fields in your Basket (#1747)
  • FIX: Cloning services from one Set to another one no longer fails (#1758)
  • FIX: Blacklisting a Service from a Set on a Host Template is now possible (#1707)
  • FIX: Services from a Set assigned to a single Host can be blacklisted (#1616)
  • FEATURE: Add TimePeriod support to Configuration Baskets (#1735)
  • FEATURE: RO users could want to see where a configured service originated (#1785)
  • FEATURE: introduce director/serviceapplyrules REST API endpoint (#1755)


  • FIX: Self Service API now ships optional Service User parameter (#1297)

DB Schema

  • FIX: it wasn't possible to use the same custom var in multiple notification definitions on PostgreSQL (#1762)

Icinga Configuration

  • FIX: escape newly introduced Icinga 2 keywords (#1765)


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-02-15 Download from Github
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