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Icinga Cube

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The Icinga Cube is a tiny but useful Icinga Web module. It currently shows host and service statistics (total count, health) grouped by various custom variables in multiple dimensions.

Cube - Overview

It will be your new best friend in case you are running a large environment and want to get a quick answers to questions like:

  • Which project uses how many servers per environment at which location/site?
    • Who occupies most servers?
    • How many of those are used in production?
    • Which project has only development and test boxes?
  • Which operating system is used for which project and in which environment?
    • Do we still have Debian Lenny?
    • Which projects are to blame for this?
    • Do we have applications where the operating systems used differ in staging and production?
  • Which project uses which operating system version for which application?
    • Which projects have homogeneous environments?
    • Which projects are at a consistent patch level?
    • How many RHEL 6 variants (6.1, 6.2, 6.3...) do we use?
    • Who is running the oldest ones? In production?
  • Which projects are still using physical servers in which environment?

For Businessmen - Drill and Slice

Get answers to your questions. Quick and fully autonomous, using the cube requires no technical skills. Choose amongst all available dimensions and rotate the Cube to fit your needs.

Cube - Configure Dimensions

Want to drill down? Choose a slice and get your answers:

Cube - Configure Dimensions

All facts configured for systems monitored by Icinga can be used for your research.

For Icinga Director users

In case you are using the Icinga Director, in addition to the multi-selection/edit feature the cube provides a nice way to modify multiple hosts at once.

Cube - Director multi-edit


To install Icinga Cube see Installation.