Business Process

Create top-level views of your applications in a graphical editor. Rules express dependencies between existing hosts and services and let you alert on application level. Business processes are displayed in a tree or list overview.

Release Icinga Business Process Modelling v2.3.0 latest

Issues and Features

You can find all issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap.

Additions to icingacli businessprocess process check

The check command used to just ignore acknowledgements and downtimes. So we added two new switches that make it possible to set the state to OK, if the node is acknowledged or in downtime.

  • --ack-is-ok and --downtime-is-ok for setting the respective state to OK.
  • --blame is for only showing nodes that have the same state as the process itself.
  • --root-cause shows only the path that causes a problem.

Changes with display_name

Before this version the object name property was used for the host and service nodes. Since this is the unique identifier for the object, this can lead to it being pretty unreadable. From now on we use the display_name property for better readability, like in Icinga Web.


  • Now compatible with PHP 7.4 #273
  • Add new options for the CLI #255
  • Adapted display_name to fit with Icinga Web #102


  • Align chapters to official documentations’ structure #269
  • Update docs on operator evaluation #259


  • Fix errors occuring with new empty nodes #272
  • Fix superfluous error message on imported empty node #270
  • Fix BP root node added in interface displaying wrong data #225
  • Fix error for processes with special chars #263
  • Fix inability to delete imported nodes #248
  • Fix URL param overrides upon rendering #265
  • Fix references in BP config files #266
  • Fix states being displayed incorrectly #264
  • Fix unnecessary base target overrides#268
  • Fix confusing direct translations #257
  • Fix visual bug on load impact #262
  • Fix tile rendering for Bp nodes with unconfirmed deleted monitored nodes #280
  • Fix rendering of state-balls for critical-handled nodes #282


Release tarball
application/gzip 2020-05-27 Download from Github

Release Version 2.2.0

Issues and Features

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap

New Dependency

New Features

  • Nodes can now be reordered by using Drag'n'Drop #123
  • Importing nodes from other process configurations is now fully supported #133

Usability and Visualization

  • Lighter Design for the tree view and breadcrumbs
  • Breadcrumbs provide a way back to the global overview now
  • Info urls to external sites now open in a new browser tab
  • Linked processes are now shown as part of a node's impact


  • Users restricted by the monitoring module's monitoring/filter/objects restriction now get a properly filtered list of hosts and services while adding new nodes. #67
  • Users with the permission businessprocess/showall were previously not able to see configurations if they were also restricted by other roles. #200


Release tarball
application/gzip 2019-03-04 Download from Github

Release Version v2.1.0

Fixed issues and related features

  • You can find issues and feature requests related to this release on our roadmap

Usability and visualization

  • Missing nodes are now shown in a generic error notice
  • Unbound nodes (nodes not being shown at top level and not in use as a sub node) are now reachable through a fake node
  • A bug with the Chrome browser showing messed up checkboxes has been fixed

State calculation

  • Missing nodes are now considered being UNKNOWN (or UNREACHABLE when being a host node). The former behavior comes from Icinga 1.x, as a reload there had the potential to trigger false alarms. This is no longer an issue with Icinga 2.x, allowing us to be strict once again when it goes to missing nodes
  • Linking nodes from other process configuration files (still an undocumented feature) has been broken shortly before 2.0.0, this has now been fixed


  • Permissions have not been enforced as they should have been in 2.0.0, some links and operations have been accessible to roles that haven't been granted such. This has now been fixed
  • While we allow for granular permissions that can be persisted in every process configuration file (still an undocumented feature), there is now also a pretty simple but effective way of restricting access to your business processes based on process name prefixes.


Release tarball
application/gzip 2017-02-20 Download from Github
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