Business Process

Create top-level views of your applications in a graphical editor. Rules express dependencies between existing hosts and services and let you alert on application level. Business processes are displayed in a tree or list overview.

Release Icinga Business Process Modeling v2.5.1 latest

What's New in Version 2.5.1


  • Ensure compatibility with PHP 8.3


  • Process check command throws an error if the sub-node is empty #440
  • Error when adding/editing host or service node after switching to icingadb backend #430
  • Handled nodes are not handled #428
  • Duplicate display names cause problems in Dropdown #427
  • Sort control overlaps action bar #421
  • Adjust notification success messages #405

You can find all issues related to this release on our roadmap.


Release tarball
application/gzip 2024-04-23 Download from Github

Release Icinga Business Process Modeling v2.5.0

Included changes can be found on the milestone: And a detailed description about the most important ones on our blog:


Release tarball
application/gzip 2023-10-17 Download from Github

Release Icinga Business Process Modeling v2.4.1

What's New in Version 2.4.1

The main intention of this release is to add support for Icinga DB Web v1.0 and v1.1 in parallel.

Though, some additional bug fixes from the upcoming v2.5.0 release are also included:

  • BP module very slow with IcingaDB backend #343
  • "Hosts from filter" does not work like expected #349
  • Services in BPs are not shown anymore for filtered roles (missing nodes) #345
  • pending hosts/service with a downtime throw error "Undefined index: PENDING-HANDLED" #332
  • Undefined index: EMPTY #325


Release tarball
application/gzip 2023-10-05 Download from Github
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