iLert Icinga SMS and Voice Notification Plugin

iLert extends Icinga and other monitoring tools with on-call-schedules, two-way voice, SMS, and push notification capabilities.


  • On-call Schedules: Manage your on-call duties and schedules in iLert and always alert the right person on-call.

  • Centralized Incident Management: iLert shows your incidents and alerts from all your monitoring tools in one place, so you have full visibility.

  • Reliable Alerts: Most monitoring tools send emails or SMS and hope for the best. iLert supports two way alerts on multiple channels. Acknowledge or reject alerts on the go, by replying to an SMS, by pressing a button in a phone call, or by using one of our apps. You decide on which channels you get alerted.

  • Automatic Escalation: Never miss a critical alert. Using iLert's automatic escalation, alerts are automatically escalated to the next person in the chain, if the primary person does not respond.

  • Mobile Alert Response: Alerts from iLert are always two-way - you can immediately respond to alerts, no matter what notification method was used. If you get a phone call for example, you can acknowledge an alert by simply pressing a button.