Icinga check-plugin for FastLTA Silent Cube

Check FastLTA Silent Cube

Icinga check-plugin for FastLTA Silent Cube

This is a basic check-plugin for icinga based on SNMP to check Silent Cubes from FastLTA.



.\ -H  -C  -o  -w  -c  [ -h  ]

[-H] Host to check

[-o] Define the part of the system you want to check

>Existing check options $fastLTA_variable$:

headunit-status    ->   Working state from the Headunit  
replica-status     ->   Checks if the replication works  
sc-status          ->   Checks the Silent Cube status  
sc-capusage        ->   Check the percentage usage of the silentcube
sc-disks           ->   Check the disks of the silentcube
sc-fans            ->   Check the fans of the silentcube
sc-psus            ->   Check the psus of the silentcube

[-w] Warning threshold

[-c] Critical threshold

[-h] Show this page

Examples / Templates


object CheckCommand "fastLTA-sc" {
import "plugin-check-command"

  command = [ PluginDir + "/check_fastLTA-sc" ]

   arguments = {
    "-H" = "$fastLTA_address$"
    "-o" = "$fastLTA_variable$"
    "-w" = "$fastLTA_warn$"
    "-c" = "$fastLTA_crit$"

vars.fastLTA_address = "$address$"


CheckCommand Variable Plugin Argument Description
$fastLTA_address$ -H Address of the server
$fastLTA_variable$ -o Variable that that will be checked
$fastLTA_warn$ -w Warning threshold
$fastLTA_crit$ -c Critical threshold

Using Icinga Director


List name: fastLTA_variable-list Key Lable
headunit-status Headunit status
replica-status Replication status
sc-status Operation status Silent Cube
sc-capusage Percentage usage Silent Cube


Field name: fastLTA_variable : Caption: fastLTA_variable : Data type: Datalist : Listname: fastLTA_variable-list

Field name: fastLTA_warn : Caption: fastLTA_warn

Field name: fastLTA_crit : Caption: fastLTA_crit