Icinga 2 check plugin for UniFi Network Application

Icinga 2 check plugin for UniFi Network Application


Table of Contents

  1. About
  2. License
  3. Support
  4. Requirements
  5. Installation
  6. Run
  7. Examples
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UniFi Network Application Build powerful home and enterprise networks with high-performance UniFi Switches, Gateways, and Wireless Access Points. Monitor client usage, set custom traffic rules, and much more.

This check plugin is written in Python and communicate with the REST-API of the controller. It allows you to check the following things:

  • Health state of the controller (Network Application)
  • Site health state and several stats

Additional features:

  • Performance data


Lincensed under the UNLICENSE, which is a license with no conditions whatsoever that dedicates works to the public domain.


For bugs and feature requests please head over to the issue tracker.


  • Python 3.x
  • requests Python library


pip install requests


usage: [--help] --host HOST [--port PORT] [--ssl] [--insecure]
                      [--mode MODE] [--site-id SITE_ID] [--user USER]
                      [--password PASSWORD] [--perfdata] [--timeout TIMEOUT]

Check plugin for UniFi Network Application

  --help, -h            Show this help message and quit
  --host HOST, -H HOST  Host name or IP address of the UniFi Controller
  --port PORT, -p PORT  The TCP port number, (default: 8080)
  --ssl, -S             Use SSL for the connection
  --insecure, -k        Ingore ssl certificate errors (eg. self-sign cert)
  --mode MODE, -m MODE  Set the check mode: ["health", "stats"] (default:
  --site-id SITE_ID     Site ID, (default: default)
  --user USER           Username to login
  --password PASSWORD   Password for user
  --perfdata            Enable performance data, (default: false)
  --timeout TIMEOUT     Override the plugin timeout, (default: 10)
  --version, -v         Show version number and quit


Standard health check (no authorization for this endpoint needed).

./ \
    --host '' \
    --port 443 \

OK: Healthy - UniFi Network Application: v8.0.24

Get some site information.

./ \
    --host '' \
    --port 443 \
    --ssl \
    --mode 'stats' \
    --user 'monitoring_user' \
    --pass 'securepassword' \
    --site-id 'default'

OK: WLAN - Active APs: 4, Disconnected APs: 0, Client Devices: 19, WiFi Experience: 97.84%


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