check Windows services through SNMP

Release 1.4 latest

Version 1.4

Code cleanup:

  • indentation fixed using 'perltidy -ce -i=2 -pt=2 -l=0'
  • $Id$, $Revision$, $Rev$ changed to $Id$
  • $Id$ now handled by .git/info/attributes after moving from SVN to GIT

Version 1.3

No SNMP response now results in status UNKNOWN, not CRITICAL.

Version 1.2

Some more fixes and cleanup in the code. Most important: I fixed a wrong interpretation of mine related to the first byte in the OID presentation of the DisplayString: it states the length of the string to be expected and is not part of the string itself. Knowing that the string needs not be filtered.

Added the LanMgr-2 MIB which is the basis for the information we are looking up through this script.

Version 1.1

Mostly rewritten and cleaned up. Hopefully ready for the public to use and be useful :-)

Version 1.0

Created for a client of mine but never actually published.


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