check NetAPP NAS through SNMP

Release 1.9 latest

Added missing definitions for $context, $domin and $snmpversion - thanks to Andrea Bolognaro for pointing this out.

Please note: as you can see this check is still quite crude compared to some of my other checks (check_hp, check_dell, ...) and caused by the fact that I can't reliably test it as I have no NetApp. If anyone wants to go through variable names, definitions and some other cleanup, you'd be more than welcome.


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Release 1.8

Version 1.8

Code cleanup:

  • indentation fixed using 'perltidy -ce -i=2 -pt=2 -l=0'
  • $Id$, $Revision$, $Rev$ changed to $Id$
  • $Id$ now handled by .git/info/attributes after moving from SVN to GIT

Version 1.7

Added support for 64-bit counters, kindly provided by Lasse Berntzon.

Now defaults to SNMP v2 using a maximum message size of 6000 bytes.

Version 1.6

Added an option for short message output on quota/threshold checks. Corrected documentation for threshold check.

Version 1.5

Output cleaned up and simplified.

Version 1.4

Since I made the check of fsOverallStatus optional it would have been a good idea to initialize that variable :-) Bug fixed.

Version 1.3

Jim's request is now implemented:

"In the long run, I think adding switches to exclude any of the checks would be good. For example, I have one filer where we have Exchange maintaining a fixed-size database on one volume with no snapshots. So that volume always appears full, but that state is ok in our book."

So far so good... this should be working now. There is an INCLUDE switch, that you may use in order to activate just the checks you need (see --help for more information).

Version 1.2

Another useful comment by Jim:

"This weekend our regularly scheduled disk scrubbing caused check_netapp to go into warning state, because the plugin regards any response to the raid check that isn't '1' or '6' to be a warning state. The truth is that most of the possible states are OK states — just a couple are problems."

So this has now changed to regard the RAID states as follows:

crit = 6 warn = 2 3 ok = 1 4 5 7 8

Thanks again!

Version 1.1

This is an update to correct a "it's a feature not a bug" situation reported by Jim King, where filers with disabled quotas would cause the plugin to bail out giving an error message.

Thanks to Jim King for pointing out this issue!

Version 1.0

First public release.


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