check Dell Poweredge servers through SNMP

Release 1.2 latest

Spare disk support fixed.


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Release 1.1

Version 1.1

Code cleanup:

  • indentation fixed using 'perltidy -ce -i=2 -pt=2 -l=0'
  • $Id$, $Revision$, $Rev$ changed to $Id$
  • $Id$ now handled by .git/info/attributes

Version 1.0

First release of this all-perl, mib-translation-table-free, all-in-one version.

Clone of my check_hp plugin for checking disk, fan, health, info, power, redundancy and temperature on Dell PowerEdge servers.

This should be faster than running single bash-to-snmpget calls as done by check_snmp_dell_poweredge (thanks for the list of OIDs though!).


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