Icinga/Nagios VMware

Icinga/Nagios Monitoring of VMware ESX servers. This project provides techniques and solutions to use the nsca add-on to monitor a wide-area, multi-host ESX environment from a central location. Monitored resources include CPU load, memory and filesystem utilization, and VM operating states. Monitoring options are configurable to address response times and frequency of information updates.

Technical design uses the VMware command line interface (vCLI) to provide first-level Icinga/Nagios monitoring and diagnosis; editable control files to specify hosts and services for monitoring; and Perl scripts that may be modified for local conditions. As of the publication date, these scripts are in production in one environment with ESX 4.0, 3.5, and 3.0; some modification may be required for other environments.

Please read the documentation before attempting to install or operate the scripts. Use of these materials assumes a working knowledge of Linux and Perl, as well as VMware ESX. Documentation and scripts are supplied in a WinZip file with password icinga/nagios (lower case).

If you have problems after carefully following the installation procedures, contact me by email and I will try to assist.