mk_logwatch.exe is a plugin for the famous check_mk agent. It will enable you to monitor custom logfiles with the windows agent. All found lines will be acknowledgeable on the logwatch page. To make it work follow these instructions:

  1. copy mk_logwatch.exe in your agent plugins directory
  2. change Line 1345 in to: if checkname == logwatch or checkname == win_logfiles (example: /opt/omd/versions/0.48/share/check_mk/modules/
  3. copy win_logfiles to your checks directory on the server (example: /opt/omd/versions/0.48/share/check_mk/checks/win_logfiles)
  4. create directory c:check_logfiles for logwatch.cfg (hardcoded in source, do not know how to make this flexible).

If you want to have several logfiles in one line use || to split the filenames.