Simple plugin to monitor network traffic on Linux systems

check_tcptraffic is a Nagios plugin to monitor the amount of TCP traffic


check_tcptraffic --critical=crit --warning=warn --interface=iface --speed=speed [--verbose] [--reset] [--help]
Required arguments
--critical,c  crit      critical
--warning,w   warn      warning
--interface,i iface     network interface
--speeed,s              speed (in Mbit/s)
--help,-h,-?            this help message
--reset,r               initialize counter
--version,V             print version and exit
--verbose,v             verbose

check_tcptraffic uses the /proc/net/dev Linux entry to compute the amount of transferred bytes from the last plugin execution (temporary data is stored in the /tmp/check_tcptraffic-iface file)

32 bit kernels

Since /proc/net/dev uses 32bit counters overflows are a problem (especially on a fast interface)

Speed           Maximum safe check period
-----           -------------------------
10Mbit/s        55'
100Mbit/s       5'8"
1GBit/s         32s