This is rewrite of the check_taskscheduler plugin. This version is compatible with the newer MS Windows Task Scheduler version 2 that is found in Windows Vista, 7, and Server 2008. It leans heavily on the Task Scheduler Managed Wrapper ( I use this extensively on my windows servers.


Copy the executable to the "C:\Program Files\NSClient++\nagiosplugincol" folder. Edit NSC.ini and add:

command[check_taskscheduler2]="C:\Program Files\NSClient++\nagiosplugincol\check_taskscheduler2.exe" $ARG1$

Then edit your host's cfg file accordingly:

sudo nano /etc/nagios3/objects/host.cfg
define service{
use                 generic-service
host_name           host
service_description Monitor Tasks
check_command       check_nrpe_1arg!check_taskscheduler2

sudo service nagios3 restart