Checks Cisco EtherChannel interfaces.

  • If the port channel is down it will return critical.
  • If the speed is 2 Gbit/sec, then it returns ok.
  • If the speed is 1 Gbit/sec, then it returns warning and informs you one of the port channel members is down.
  • If it can't find the port channel you specify, it will return unknown.


./check\_snmp\_cisco\_port\ -h (host) -c (community) [-p (portchannel)]


./check\_snmp\_cisco\_port\ -h -c public -p po1

Valid port channels:

  • po1
  • po2

This was tested on a stack of Cisco 3750s. It will always return OK status if you check a single switch. This can be modified if you need it to check port channels on a single switch.