Retrieves the status of an SMS Modem via smstools3.

This plugin checks the status of an SMS modem using the regular_run functionality provided in smstools3.
It does not directly access the modem, but instead reads a status file generated by smstools3.


This plugin works with smstools3 and the regular_run functionality to check the status of a modem (signal strength, GSM Provider etc.). By not accessing the modem directly, we don't have any concurrent access problems. N.B. this script was developed for the MultiTech Network Modems, but should function with any standard GSM modem.


check_sms3status [options] <status_file>

In order to work the following options need to be set in smsd.conf:

regular_run_interval = 60
regular_run_cmd = AT+CREG?;+CSQ;+COPS?
regular_run_statfile = <status_file>

The following performance data is returned

<signal dBm>;<% signal strength>;<Error rate>;<Network ID/Name>


<status_file> the status file e.g. /dev/shm/sms_stat


--warningwarning level for percentage signal strength (default 40)
--criticalcritical level for percentage signal strength (default 20)
--timeouthow long to wait for the file (default 30)
--agethe maximum age of the file in seconds (default 300)


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16.11.2009 - Perfdata Patch contributed by Gerd v. Egidy