The plugin takes hostname, community string and number of the desired subunit as arguments and gives back the status and the values of the available sensors of the unit.
The plugin recognizes the number of attached sensors automatically.
It was so far only tested with monitoring units for the Rittal LCP cooling system.


./ -H < host >               -C < community >
                           [-w < warning temperature >]
                           [-c < critical temperature >]


Flag Description
-H|--host IP address or DNS name of target host
-C|--community SNMP community
-w|--warning < warning temperature > Warning, if temperature is higher than < warning temperature >
-c|--critical < critical temperature > Critical, if temperature is higher than < critical temperature >
-v|--verbose Verbose mode. If no logfile is specified, verbose output will be printend to STDOUT
-h|--help print help page
-V|--version print plugin version