./ [-h] [-d] [-H hostname] [-P port] [-w warning] [-c critical] [-t timeout] [-e exec] -s secret

-h|--help       This help screen
-d|--debug      Activate debug mode
-H|--hostname   Hostname to send query [Default: $host]
-P|--port       Port where status server is listening [Default: $port]
-w|--warning    Warning threshold in seconds [Default: $w]
-c|--critical   Critical threshold in seconds [Default: $c]
-e|--exec       Program to execute if radius doesn't respond within the timeout [Default: $exec]
-t|--timeout    Timeout [Default: $t]
-s|--secret     Secret

Plugin to check radius status. It use the radclient program from FreeRADIUS project
( and use the Status-Server packet to perform tests. See on how to configure it.

The plugin output performance data about elapsed time executing the query.

The plugin can execute an external program if the radius server doesn't respond within
the timeout (e.g. for restarting the server).