Usage: -d /path/to/pcp-commands/ -H -P 9898 -U username -W password [-p] [-D "CHECK_PGPOOL-II - "] [-v] [-c 2] [-w 1] [-t 10] [-b 0]


 -h, --help

    Print detailed help screen

 -V, --version

    Print version information

 -D, --display=STRING

    To modify the output display...

    default is "CHECK\_PGPOOL-II - "

 -p, --perfdata

    If you want to activate the perfdata output

 -v, --verbose

    Show details for command-line debugging (Nagios may truncate the output)

 -c, --critical=INT

    Specify a critical threshold of backend in down state

    default is 2

 -w, --warning=INT

    Specify a warning threshold of backend in down state

    default is 1

 -b, --backends=INT

    Specify the number of waiting backends

    default is 0

 -t, --timeout=INT

    Specify the connection timeout value in seconds. pcp command exits on timeout

    default is 10

 -d, --pcp-dir=STRING

    Specify the path to pcp commands binaries directory

    e.g. : /usr/local/pgpool-II/bin/

 -H, --host=STRING

    Specify the pgpool-II hostname

 -p, --port=STRING

    Specify the PCP port

 -U, --user=STRING

    Specify the username for PCP authentication

 -W, --password=STRING

    Specify the password for PCP authentication



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This plugin has been created by Erwan Labynocle Ben Souiden

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