It allows following checks:

  • is your NNTP server accepting clients and allowing them to enter specified groups
  • if using authenticated connections (AUTHINFO USER/PASS), does server allow specified username/password to login
  • do specified groups get new messages in them often enough (need server NEWNEWS support)

That should allow for checking most if not all of your NNTP / News needs.


It requires CPAN module News::NNTPClient (just do apt-get install libnews-nntpclient-perl on Debian for example, or perl -MCPAN -e 'install News::NNTPClient' if your distribution doesn't have a package)


  • script currently requires that news server implements NEWNEWS command
  • only plain NNTP, no NNTPS or STARTTLS support, as News::NNTPClient doesn't support it. You may want to use stunnel4(8) or similar for workaround if you need it.