This is a disk space checker for NetApp filers, based on an older plugin by Rob Hassing. The plugin interrogates the NAS via SNMP and supports both Volumes and subdirectories with user quota aka QTrees, also ones larger than 2TB.

The plugin uses a map file ( and some basic heuristics to translate Windows share names to volume/Qtree names (CIFS share names are not exposed via SNMP).

Usage: -H -v [-C community] -w -c [-e] [--force-gencache] [--prefix=/vol] [--debug]

For performance reasons, the SNMP Volume and QTree IDs are looked up from a local cache file rather than retrieved from the NetApp filer every time. It will be necessary to regenerate this cache regularly, as volumes are added or changed on the NAS.

Since the running time of this cache generation may be too long for Nagios (depending on the global service check time-out), it is recommended to do this only from an interactive shell or a cron job. Run a check on any volume adding the "-–force-gencache" parameter to regenerate the volume ID cache. A sample script is provided which can be run from cron, provided you are running Opsview, and provided all NetApp filers are in the same host group.