Check memory by parsing the free(1) command. Allows normal and percent thresholds.

This plugin exclude the system cache and buffer, because on some system with very stable memory usage it is perfectly normal for system cache to fill in all available memory (most of it can be freed at any time if applications requires it). Please keep a margin for system cache and buffers when setting thresholds.


check_memory [ -w  ] [ -c  ] [ -u  ]

WARNING: the regular threshold format is following the Nagios-plugins thresholds; so if you specify a single number if will warn when free memory is higher than the threshold. If you want to alert at 100 MB free you will have to use \"@100\" or \"100:\". See the following URL for more details:

Ex: Warning when there is less than 100 MB free and critical when there is less than 1% free:

./check_memory -w 100: -c 1%

Requires Nagios::Plugin and /usr/bin/free (edit the plug-in if you have a different path for free(1).