I have used many memory checking programs for linux but wasn't really happy with them so I've written my own. This uses the /proc/meminfo file instead of the free command.

Currently it tracks: total, free, active, inactive, buffer and cache

It adds performance data for each of these.

I've written it to run small and clean. it seems to use about 1/2 the resources than the other checkers I've found.

There are a number of things I can add however the current version suits my needs. Perhaps if I find the time or enough people bug me about it I will put in some additional features.

version 1.0.1 to change the order you see the information along with fixing the performance data

version 1.1.0 adds the -f option which counts the 'cached' memory as part of 'free'

version 1.1.1 fix view of cached memory