This plugin will pull any published statistics from a Cisco Ironport email appliance, using the authenticated XML interface.You can optionally use SSL and specify a username/password for authentication.The plugin can produce output in MRTG or Nagios format, and in Nagios mode you can specify mutliple thresholds.

Use the -h flag for usage information, and the -L flag to list all available counters, gauges and rates.


check_ironport -H hostname -U username -P password [ -M | -N ]
     ( -g gauge[,gauge...] | -c counter[,counter...] | -r rate[,rate...] )
     [ -W warn[,warn...] -C crit[,crit...] ]

Works by fetching the XML page and parsing out the objects. -M MRTG mode requires 1 or 2 items, -N nagios mode can be any number. Threholds must be of same quantity as items.