A plugin to check the status of a RAID enclosure.

This plugin uses SNMP to monitor the status and health of Infortrend RAIDs.

This plugin requires (at this time) python version 2.6 or higher of the python 2 series it is not compatible with python 3.

Detection of the RAID type is automatic, so running against an Infortrend Eonstore RAID or a Sun StorEdge 3510 or 3511 will just work. If you find other RAIDs that this can work against please email me the OID so I can add it into the autodetection.


Flag Description
-c, --community SNMP Community String to use. (Default: public)
-H, --hostname Specify hostname for SNMP (Default: localhost)
-t, --timeout Set the timeout for the program to run (Default: 10 seconds)
-v, --verbose Give verbose output (Default: Off)

This plugin checks amongst other things:

Hard Disk Status
Fan Status
Power Supply Status
Temperature Probes (Also returned as perfdata for graphing)
Logical Unit Status
Spare Status


This plugin was developed against an Infortrend Eonstore A12U-G242 RAID enclosure as well as a Sun StorEdge 3510. I am sure that it can work against other RAIDs that are based off of the same chipset.

If you have any issues or suggestion please e-mail me: