Check the Citrix Metaframe XP service by completing an HTTP dialogue with a Program

Neigbourhood server (pn_server) that returns an ICA server in the named Server farm

hosting the specified application (an ICA server in a farm which runs some MS app).

Ask as many times as necessary to find out how many different ICA servers offer the

application. -P -A app -F --maximum

-w -c -M

-t [-v -x -h -V]

honors the following options:

[-P | --pn_server] The name or address of the Citrix Metaframe XP

Program Neigbourhood server (required).

[-A | --pub_app] The name of an application published by the server farm

(default 'Word 2003').

[-F | --server_farm] The name of a Citrix Metaframe XP server farm. (required)

[-m | --maximum] The maximum number of ICA servers that could offer the

service in total (required).

[-w | --warning] If less or equal servers offered the result will be warning.

[-c | --critical] If less or equal servers offered the result will be critical.

[-M | --max_requests] Don't send more requests than specified.

[-t | --timeout] Timeout as usual in seconds.

[-v | --verbose] Level of verbosity

[-h | --help] The help text an usage.

[-x | --xml_debug] Print XML requests and answers.

[-V | --version] Print version of the plugin.


./ -P pnserver -A windows -F farm -w 20 -c 25 -m 28 -M 200 -t 5

WARNING: the plugin seems to have some memory related problems.

(the "A thread exited while x threads were running." is not one of them).

Please be so kind, test it and leave your results (good and bad) as comment on [\_ica\\_ica\|check\_ica\ on]