This pluging supports monitoring and performance data collection from the standard sensors on IT Watchdog's WeatherGoose II device:

  • Temperature (°C or °F)
  • Humidity (%)
  • Dewpoint (°C or °F)
  • Sound level (%)
  • Light level (%)
  • Airflow level (%)

Alerts are reported for critical or warning based upon user specified ranges.

This puglin has minimal support for additional sensor units.  If your device has more that one sensor for the standard temperature, humidity, etc. specify a unit number on the command line using the -u option. This has not been tested and may not use the proper OID.

We have no additional sensor probes, so have not provided any support for those. If we get our hands on any, we'll add support at that time. If you have other probes, the OIDs are quite obvious. You can download the MIB from the GUI of the device, and find a CSV file therein which provides the information needed to extend this plugin.

To extend the plugin, you'll need to do the following:

  • Add more OIDs to the `define' commands
  • Add a new option to the shortopts string and associated processing to the switch statement which follows.
  • Each new case in the switch statement must set $label, $oid and   $units properly.
  • Please add appropriate usage information to the show_usage() function

Please forward any such changes to us for inclusion in future releases: mailto: