checks on the F5 ServerIron load balancer.
The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is a tool to monitor the traffic load on network links.


./ -H host [-C community] [-v][-d][-h][-M][-t timout]

              [--no-perf] [--no-optimise]

              [-f cachefile] [-x cacheexpiretime]

              [-m modules]


Flag Description
-H, --host Specify F5 hostname (f5) Can be used multiple times; the first to answer is used.
-C, --community Specify SNMP community string (public)
-d, --debug Debug mode. Use multiple times for more detail
-h, --help Show help
-M, --mrtg MRTG mode.  Also --no-mrtg for Nagios mode.
-t, --timeout SNMP query timeout (10)
-f, --cache-file File basename for SNMP cache (/tmp/f5.cache)
-x, --cache-expire Seconds before cache becomes invalid (290)
--no-perf Disable perfstats in output
--no-optimise Retrieve entire SNMP tree for tables (use in conjunction with cache if many separate server() checks being done)
-m, --modules List modules to enable. Space separated.  Can be used multiple times if required.  See below.
-v, --verbose Verbose logging

MRTG mode

In MRTG mode, only the first module to provide a metric will be output.

Available modules:

cpu[:n][(warnpc,critpc)] MRTG: user and idle percent (80,90)
mem[ory][:percent][(warnpc,critpc)] MRTG: used and total bytes (or %) (80,90)
fan No MRTG output
psu No MRTG output
health Same as 'cpu mem temp fan psu'
ssl[:server][(activewarn,activecrit)] MRTG: active and total SSL (500,400)
traffic[:server] MRTG: bytes in/out.  No Nagios.
server:name[(actvw,actvc)] For virt server name (500,400)
server:ipaddr[:port][(actvw,actvc)] For virt server ipaddr:port
server[(actvw,actvc)] Over ALL virtual servers (50000,40000)
cert[ificate][:certname][([warn,]crit)] Check certificate days left, no MRTG
conn[ections][(actvw,actvc)] same as 'server'
group Failover health.  No MRTG output.
cm same as 'group'
cache No output; prepare SNMP cache

Server checks:

For server checks, the number of active connections will be thresholded.

Next, the availability of the Server will be checked and will return WARN if not all the active pool members are available.
If the same module is used multiple times, only the first one will be used.


./ -H myf5 -C public -m 'cpu(80,90) server:/Production/foobar'
./ -H myf5 -m 'health certificates(14,7) conn(1500,2000)'