Hello dear Nagios user!

This is a plugin I wrote centuries ago. Meanwhile I do not run any email servers any more, but this plugin still seems to be very useful for a resonable share of the nagios users so that many other supplied significant improvements and extensions to this plugin. I'm very happy that my little script has become part of this lively open source community.

Though I wont be able to further maintain this plugin on my own, I'm still trying my best to integrate code contributions I receive via email and share them at this place. So if you have a litte code change correction you feel it should find it's way into the public: just give me a short note.

Please also check the user comments on this plugin as they might contain more current information.

Have fun!


This perl-based nagios plugins requires the perl IMAP and POP3 client. Debian / Ubuntu users can install those dependency using

sudo apt-get install libmail-pop3client-perl libmail-imapclient-perl


  • Update 2010-10-09 v1.4.1: Contribution of IMAP4 STARTTLS support using option -usestarttls. Thanks goes to Frieder.
  • Update 2010-10-09 v1.4.0: Contribution of IMAP4 support and minor code cleanups. Thanks goes to Arjen.
  • Update 2009-02-03 v.1.3.2: Turn of annoying perl warnings as users reported warning outputs about uninitalized vars
  • Update 2008-09-28: v1.3.1: Introduces a minor_sanity check on using SMTP authentification. Thanks goes to James!
  • Update 2008-05-15: v1.3: Another great code contribution from the users community. Now check_email_loop _support SMTP Authentification. Thanks Johannes!


Source Code is available on GitHub:

Please use Git to submit new patches.