check_diskio is a Nagios plugin to monitor the amount of disk I/O on Linux 2.6 and 2.4 systems


$ ./check_diskio --device=devicename --critical=critical --warning=warning
             [--byte] [--ssize=size]
             [--reset] [--verbose] [--silent]

Required arguments:

--device=name,-d name device name
--critical=value,-c value critical number of sectors/s
--warning=value,-w value number of sectors/s which generates a warning


Flag Description
--bytes,-b,-B express I/O in bytes/s
--help,-h,-? this help message
--reset,-r reset the counter
--silent,-s no warnings or critials are issued
--ssize=size specify the sector size (default 512)
--verbose,-v verbose output
--version,-V print version
--uom=unit unit of measurement:


      unit              description

      sector,sectors,s  sdectors/s
      bit,bits,b        bps      bits per second
      byte,bytes,B      Bps      bytes per second
      Kb                Kbps     Kbits per second
      KB,K              KBbps    Kbytes per second
      Mb                Mbps     Mbits per second
      MB,M              MBps     Mbytes per second

Please report bugs to: Matteo Corti