This plug-in performs a check via Areca's CLI program on the Areca Raid controller. It is able to parse more than one RAID attached to a controller.

By default the CLI program should be located in /usr/local/areca/bin/cli but this can be changed using the --arecacli (-A) option from the command line.

The timeout defaults to 10 second but again this can be changed via the --timeout (-t) flag, you may need to do this if you have a large number of Areca RAID controllers.

For all options use ./ --help, or perldoc, enjoy and please let me know if you run into any issues.

2009-01-21: Version 1.2.1 released: Cleanup some syntax, after long talks with areca support use rsf info instead of vsf info to monitor RAID.

2008-12-23: Version 1.2 Released. Adds autodetection for multiple Areca RAID cards and outputs information on each of those cards. Right now it is all glommed together with no separator, I will fix this in the near future. Please note for upgrades that the --areca_cli option has been changed to --arecacli.